Planning matters

Avoid Running with the Crowd

Human beings are wired to go along. Instincts serve us well in many areas, such as avoiding danger or stress. But a reliance on “a gut feeling” is at odds with successful investing, and is a key reason investors fail to achieve satisfactory long-term results. There are several deeply-rooted biological impulses that investors must strive…

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Secure File Sharing

As a comprehensive financial planning firm, we work with your confidential information on an ongoing basis. It is always our number one priority to keep this information safe and secure in an increasingly technology based environment.

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“Sign of the Times, or Just Plain Loco”

Consistently throughout 2017, I’ve observed several financial transactions, or some type of valuation, that just doesn’t settle quite right with me. Perhaps near zero interest rates around the globe have permanently changed financial markets.

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Have I done all I can?

Plan for the best, prepare for the worst. In our case, braving the hurricane. Our daughter lives in Texas. Last week, after her summer visit, we watched her head back to Houston on the red eye. It was the day before Hurricane Harvey.

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Bring Everything With a Number on It!

Have you ever wondered why we always ask you to bring so many documents when scheduling an appointment?

-Current tax return
-Recent paystub(s)
-Current investment statements
-Retirement plan information
-Life insurance and Long-term care policy information
-Current Mortgage statement
-Social Security estimate of benefits statement
-Bank Statements
-A list of questions and goals

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