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How We Work

Spend Your Money?!

Have you heard your Financial Planner express “Go! Spend your money! Take that trip!?” Or, maybe you are like me, and you hope to hear those words in the future? I’ve had the privilege of joining several meetings where the JBA Planner assured clients they could afford to spend more.

Life Moments


  At some point in life, most of us decide to downsize. The children have left the nest, the home office is closed for business, scrubbing...


Pearls of Wisdom: Managing a Windfall

It’s the problem everyone wants to have: how should you spend a large additional sum of money? Whether the source is an inheritance, bonus or gain realized on the sale of an asset, the boost to your bank account can create the urge to splurge. As you begin to think about what you might do with your windfall, consider the following tips...

How We Work

Bring Everything With a Number on It!

Have you ever wondered why we always ask you to bring so many documents when scheduling an appointment?

-Current tax return
-Recent paystub(s)
-Current investment statements
-Retirement plan information
-Life insurance and Long-term care policy information
-Current Mortgage statement
-Social Security estimate of benefits statement
-Bank Statements
-A list of questions and goals