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Investing in Community

We believe in the ripple effect — understanding that together, we are greater than the sum of our parts and knowing that small, positive actions can make an impact on those around us.

We envision a community where every person has the resources and information needed to live their best life.

Our Guideposts for Giving

Over the years, our giving has become more strategic as we’ve built partnerships with local nonprofits and honed our commitment as a company. We’ve developed four philanthropic guideposts that help direct our community investment work: Financial Empowerment, Community Enhancement, Empowerment through Leadership, and Programs for Positive Change.

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Financial Empowerment

At the heart of Johnson Bixby and Integrated Tax Services is a commitment to help clients make informed choices for their financial success. We are dedicated to extending financial education and empowerment to our full community.
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Community Enhancement

Our community is our home, and we honor the beauty that surrounds us — be it the green landscape the thriving downtown, or the art and music that bring us joy. We invest in supporting and improving our local surroundings.
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Empowerment Through Leadership

We invest in developing local leaders — especially our youth — because in doing so, we give voice to those who need it most and help build a more robust, diverse think tank to help solve our community’s greatest challenges.
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Programs for Positive Change

We act as a catalyst for positive change by supporting programs that are upstream in approach and strategic in design — activities that aim to solve and prevent challenges before they start and leverage other resources for even greater impact.

It’s Possible

When we participate in and support our communities, it’s possible for us to leave them better than we found them. And when we work together, it’s possible to create something better than any one of us could do alone.

Directed by our guideposts, our giving falls into three main categories: Nonprofit Support & Sponsorship, Financial Empowerment, and CommUNITY Hours.

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Nonprofit Support & Sponsorship

Each year, we dedicate a portion of our budget toward sponsoring and supporting local nonprofits that fit within our Guideposts. Our Community Engagement Committee, comprised of team members, reviews all requests monthly.

Do you have a nonprofit you’d like us to know about? Please complete the Request Form.

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Financial Empowerment

Workshops: Our Financial Planners, CPA’s, Enrolled Agents, and other team members dedicate time and talent to teaching financial education across our community. We’ve worked with high school students, young adults leaping into new careers, and older adults re-entering the workforce.

Are you interested in having one of our team members teach at your organization or school? Email our Director of Community Investments & Relationships, Megan Dixon.

Pro Bono Days: Twice each year, our team of financial planners dedicates a day to providing 30-minute free financial planning advice to any community member who is interested.

Sign up for Free Financial Planning during one of our two events this year. 

October 16, 2024

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CommUNITY Hours

Each year, our team members receive CommUNITY hours to invest back into the community in areas that are important to them. Often, team members participate in group-supported volunteer activities where their combined time and talent make a big impact.

Needing hands-on help or have a project where our team could dedicate their time?
Let us know about the project!


Through partnerships, we can create ripples of positive change.

Building community doesn’t happen overnight and we are actively building relationships with a number of organizations.

Here are several of our new partner organizations.

Have ideas for a community partnership?

We’d love to hear them.