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    Life is happening.

    JBA unlocks possibilities.

    Change is constant.
    While there’s nothing you can do to stop it, there’s a lot you can do to ENJOY it.

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    Time is of the essence

    JBA unlocks possibilities.

    We can't stop the clock.
    At JBA, we can help you prepare for a future that's not afraid of father time.

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    Sacred moments.

    JBA unlocks possibilities.

    Life's precious moments are sacred.
    They also mean change is in the air! JBA helps you plan for whatever's next.

Financial advice is everywhere... A dedicated partner to help you navigate life is rare.

Choose Johnson Bixby & Associates for the latter.

We’re a team of highly seasoned industry experts. With us, it’s all about the lifelong partnerships we develop with our carefully-selected clients. You can find fragments of financial advice anywhere you look, but long-term, personalized counsel that guides you through life is something special.

What do you want in life?

The world is full of possibilities, and you have plenty of options. Usually, when you opt for more of one thing, it means accepting less of another. Learn how JBA helps you navigate life’s possibilities.

Are we a good match?

Gathering clients has never been our goal.

Instead, more of the “right” clients is our mantra. The well-being and financial future of those we serve is deeply personal to us. In return, we seek clients that want a collaborative approach to financial management. It’s really not about your assets or net worth, but your desire to make more informed decisions.


We’re right for you if...
  • you’re looking for longterm, ongoing counsel.
  • you’re looking for an integrated financial approach.
  • you’re interested in mutual relationship with your planner.
  • you’re thinking future, not just for a quick fix.
  • you want a financial coach and guide.

Who we are

Since 1983, Johnson Bixby & Associates has been helping people realize their goals, and maximize their lives, by planning for the future with intention. We’re set apart by our breadth of knowledge and experience, and our very personal approach to financial management that empowers the client and supports a complex web of interests. Our team of Certified Financial Planners and specialists is adept in virtually everything one can encounter in the financial space. From cradle to grave, and in between, JBA is your advisor, strategist, and confidant.

What we do

The concept of “financial planning” is vast, and there really aren’t cookie cutter answers. Intelligent planning is delivered through years of experience navigating the assortment of variables that impact a person’s future. JBA brings that wisdom to the table as we help clients solve an innumerable array of complex questions and challenges. What leaves most people overwhelmed and confused lights us up! We really love this stuff. JBA covers taxes, investments, retirement, real estate, insurance, estate planning, and on, and on . . .

Why we do it

Many firms and consultants use the cliches, but pardon us, we really mean it when we say we do this to provide a rich and full life for people. An afflicted financial picture can wreak havoc on mental, emotional, and physical condition. Money consistently ranks among the most stressful variables in life. JBA finds meaning and satisfaction in bringing peace, hope, and alignment to people and their families. This is about so much more than making money, for us and our clients. We want the best for everybody who puts their trust in us.

Your first visit

Your planning consult will take about two hours. We will ask you to bring several things including a few completed forms, which you can download below. We'll have healthy dialogue and get to know each other better. From there, we'll build a customized plan to fit your future.

So Far So Good?

Let’s learn more about one another.