Johnson Bixby unlocks possibilities


  • Time is of the essence

    Johnson Bixby unlocks possibilities

    We can't stop the clock.
    At Johnson Bixby, we can help you prepare for a future that's not afraid of father time.

  • Sacred moments.

    Johnson Bixby unlocks possibilities

    Life's precious moments are sacred.
    They also mean change is in the air! Johnson Bixby helps you plan for whatever's next.

Financial advice is everywhere. But a dedicated partner to help you navigate life? That’s invaluable.

At Johnson Bixby, it’s what we do.

You can find fragments of financial advice anywhere—but rarely do you get holistic insight customized for you. We select our clients carefully so that we can develop lifelong partnerships with them. That’s how we provide long-term, personalized counsel that helps you build the life you want

What do you want in life?

The world is full of possibilities, and you have plenty of options. Usually, when you opt for more of one thing, it means accepting less of another. Learn how Johnson Bixby helps you navigate life’s possibilities.

Are we a good match?

Our clients come to us because they want a long-term partner and advocate.

The well-being and financial future of those we serve is deeply personal to us. That’s why we work with clients who value our collaborative and comprehensive approach. We’ll be your advocate and trusted guide—someone who can help you make informed decisions about your future.


We’re right for you if...
  • you’re looking for long-term, ongoing counsel.
  • you want team of experts that can provide holistic financial guidance.
  • you’re interested in a mutual relationship with your planner.
  • you’re thinking about the future, not just looking for a quick fix.
  • you want a financial coach and guide.
  • you want something more out of life, and need a roadmap to get there.

Who we are

We’ve been helping our clients plan for the future since 1983. What makes us different is our personal approach to financial management—one that empowers you to make informed decisions about your money. We are your advisor, strategist, and confidant. Meet our team.

What we do

We offer intelligent financial planning made possible by our deep understanding of your unique situation, goals, questions and challenges. Our expert team of Certified Financial Planners and specialists can help you navigate whatever’s on your mind—whether that’s taxes, investments, retirement, real estate, insurance or estate planning. Learn more about our services.

Why we do it

We mean this when we say it: We love what we do. We find satisfaction in helping our clients free themselves of the emotional burden that can come with big financial decisions. We are proud that the work we do helps our clients live better lives. We’re here for you, and we’re rooting for you. Always. Find out how we can help you.

Your first visit

Your planning consult will take about two hours. We will ask you to bring several things including a few completed forms, which you can download below. We'll have healthy dialogue and get to know each other better. From there, we'll build a customized plan to fit your future.

So Far So Good?

Let’s learn more about one another.