Planning matters

Understanding Inherited Assets

Inheritance – no matter the size – can have a substantial impact on you and your family’s financial status. According to a 2015 HSBC survey, American retirees expect to leave an average of $177,000 to their heirs. What should you do when you receive an inheritance? If you receive an inheritance, in most cases, you…

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How is Your Financial Health?

It’s easy to maintain our physical well-being with diet and exercise but when is the last time you checked on your financial health? There are several aspects to financial health—many which Johnson Bixby can assist with diagnosing and treating. However, there are few things you can do on your own. Let’s take a look: Set…

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1,000 Pieces

If you had a 1,000 piece picture puzzle with the pieces dumped on a table in a disorganized pile, what is the most important part of that puzzle? Most might say the corner or edge pieces. As a planner, I would say . . .

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Setting Successful Goals

Tis’ the season for New Year resolutions. Like others, you may be thinking about goals you want to achieve in the new year. Goal setting is a powerful activity; shaping our dreams and giving us the ability to focus on the exact actions needed to meet the desired goal.

After years of acting as a trusted advisor to client’s life goals, we have a few tips on how to set-up your goals for success.

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Defining Moments

Today’s 17th anniversary of September 11, 2001, has our office reminiscing on both the tragic events of that day but also defining moments of our lives—just as 9/11 was a defining moment in American history.

Keep reading for a walk down memory lane with the Johnson Bixby team—hearing about personal defining moments and our memories of that fateful September day…

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