Life Moments

Weddings: To Pay or Not to Pay?

A month ago, Valentine’s Day, many happy couples likely said “Yes!” to their futures together. Such an exciting time for everyone involved; the happy couple, their families and friends. But now, the planning begins and the conversations about who’s paying, and for what, come to the surface!

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Answering An Age-Old (Old Age) Question: How Long Are You Going to Live?

Perhaps the biggest concern that clients share is whether their accumulated savings will last throughout their retirement years. How do they know if they've saved enough, or if they're spending their nest egg too quickly? One of the key factors in the equation is life expectancy - but how many people know exactly how long they expect to live?


Gold – A Primer

Within financial markets, gold may be the most misunderstood asset in the world. To paraphrase famed investor Jeremy Grantham, it’s fair to say that gold is a “faith-based” metal.
Because gold is somewhat complex in terms of what drives its value, I’ll share some insight and perspective on this precious metal to better understand its role globally and in today’s financial markets.