Weddings: To Pay or Not to Pay?

March 15, 2017

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In the United States, tradition has the bride’s family picking up most of the cost on the day of wedding. The reception and ceremony including food, music, flowers and decorations as well as photography would be part of that bill. The groom’s family would generally pick up the rehearsal dinner and also give a wedding gift to the happy couple. This is general United States tradition, but nothing says it has to be this way. Depending on the couple’s cultural background or even age, it can vary widely.

So, what will a wedding look like for your family? First, it’s important to keep in mind what the couple envisions for their wedding. Do they want a big wedding, or something small and intimate? Also, do they want to cover part of the cost, or are they going to be depending on help from their families? Once these questions are answered it’s easier to move forward with the planning.

In addition to the couple’s wants, some parents may feel that the wedding reflects upon them. For example, a well-known and respected lawyer in the community may want to put on a wedding that’s a bit bigger than the couple envisioned or more expensive than the couple expected. It’s important not to dismiss these feelings but rather have conversations to find the middle ground before decisions are made or grudges are formed.

Now for the numbers. According to the website, Cost of Wedding, couples in Vancouver, WA spend between $13,663 and $22,771 on average for their wedding and the average across the United States is $26,645. Of course, these are averages, but the important thing is to be realistic about your budget. For most weddings, the venue and the food are the largest ticket items. However, things like the flowers, decorations, invitations, photography and attire can add up fast. Remember your budget and look for cost savings along the way to stay on track!

Interested in what you could contribute to your own or your child’s or your grandchild’s special day? Be sure to check in with your planner. We want to help you celebrate this special occasion as well as keep you moving toward your future financial goals!


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