Planning Matters.

Life insurance for Marijuana users

In general, life insurance companies are pretty conservative. You would be too if your entire business revolved around assessing the risk in every applicant’s behavior. Life insurance underwriting is all about risk and lifestyle choices. The premium you eventually qualify for is based on your current health and family history, and the activities you participate in. Whether it is sky or scuba diving, race car driving or smoking marijuana, underwriters need to know what you are up to!

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Another Day, Another Data Breach

The credit reporting agency Equifax announced last week that the Social Security numbers, birthdates, address histories, and other information of up to 143 million people may have been leaked in a massive data breach. Because of the size of the data breach, it wouldn’t be unwise to assume your information has been compromised.

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Have I done all I can?

Plan for the best, prepare for the worst. In our case, braving the hurricane. Our daughter lives in Texas. Last week, after her summer visit, we watched her head back to Houston on the red eye. It was the day before Hurricane Harvey.

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Bring Everything With a Number on It!

Have you ever wondered why we always ask you to bring so many documents when scheduling an appointment?

-Current tax return
-Recent paystub(s)
-Current investment statements
-Retirement plan information
-Life insurance and Long-term care policy information
-Current Mortgage statement
-Social Security estimate of benefits statement
-Bank Statements
-A list of questions and goals

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Competing For Jobs May Have Just Gotten Harder

Immigrants are relatively better educated when coming to America and the share of those with college degrees has nearly doubled over the last 20 years, further complicating the employment picture…

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