Planning matters

The Impact of Giving Circles

Likely you’ve heard the term “giving circle” – it’s a collective philanthropy term that’s become something of a buzzword lately. However, this is not a new phenomenon. Giving circles of various types have existed across cultures throughout history. So, what is a giving circle? In giving circles, people with common interests, concerns or backgrounds come…

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Introducing Ripple Impact NW: A Confluence of Values, Experience and Community Need

“If you want it, save your pennies.” This is the phrase I heard as a child when I asked for something not necessarily expensive, but not necessarily a need either. I learned if I wanted something, I would need to do something to earn some pennies. Growing up, I found great satisfaction in earning money…

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Encore: What Will You Do in Retirement?

We challenge our clients to think through what retirement really means to them, and what passions or pursuits will further enhance their enjoyment in their encore phase of life.

Our approach and process helps our clients to identify goals or aspirations they may not have had the time to pursue while working. Getting clear about what excites you as you transition into retirement, actively pursuing those passions, and giving back by sharing your knowledge and experiences, can be unbelievably rewarding.

This week we’re highlighting Brian who uses his talent to benefit Habitat for Humanity.

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First Friday Downtown

Johnson Bixby hosted a Nature Photography Show as part of the Vancouver Downtown Association event, First Friday Downtown. Downtown was filled with beautiful art and great food. Our very own Heidi Johnson Bixby was one of the artists who displayed photography from her travels.

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Connecting With the Community

At Johnson Bixby, connecting with our community is as important as connecting with our clients. Recently, team members attended two events hosted by local organizations committed to serving our community. Their hard work, dedication, and contributions help make our community great.

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