Introducing Ripple Impact NW: A Confluence of Values, Experience and Community Need

May 2, 2022

“If you want it, save your pennies.”

This is the phrase I heard as a child when I asked for something not necessarily expensive, but not necessarily a need either. I learned if I wanted something, I would need to do something to earn some pennies.

Growing up, I found great satisfaction in earning money to buy things I wanted. I also had an equal — and sometimes greater ­— satisfaction using that money to help others. I often helped my mom with her volunteer activities, usually with set up or clean up, handwriting name tags and making table center pieces for events. There was also the opportunity to donate to good causes — even if it was just pennies at the time. This is where I first learned every contribution, no matter how small, makes a difference.

I also learned the value of setting a goal and achieving it and of using my time, talent, and resources to help others. Today, these lessons fuel my passion and vision for things I hold dear: providing financial planning to clients, guiding clients who wish to continue or expand their philanthropy, and extending my own charitable giving.

For several years, I’ve had this inkling of bringing together a team to help fuel philanthropy in Southwest Washington. Recently, I found myself at the confluence of common values, more than 75 years of combined experience, and community need. And now I’m thrilled to share the launch of Ripple Impact NW with all of you.

Led by Jeanne Kojis and Megan Dixon, Ripple Impact NW provides three core programs to educate and empower those in Clark County who are interested in learning and philanthropy:

  • Discovery Workshops
    These sessions provide tools to create a giving strategy based on your values, interests, and background. You will learn about community needs and ways you can engage with area organizations. $55 to register for the June 11, 9:30 a.m.-2:00 p.m., focus on volunteerism workshop. Includes lunch. $35 per person for current and former Ripple Impact Giving Circle members.
  • Giving Circles
    Each circle is five or six sessions focused on a specific topic. Learn about the issues from insightful experts and then review grant applications and help decide what nonprofit groups will be invited to come and tell us more! You learn so much about the community needs – your heart and mind have a new understanding of what is, and what is possible. Your donation to participate in a circle is used to make grants as voted on by your group.
  • Consulting
    Jeanne and Megan work with individuals, families, and businesses to develop proactive giving plans that align with your values and areas of interest. Their role is simple – to provide perspective, options, and introductions.

I’m consistently reminded what a philanthropic community we live in when I see all the exciting things friends, colleagues and clients are doing. We each have our reasons for contributing our time, talent and resources. If you’re interested in exploring your charitable giving journey further, learn more and register for Discovery Workshops and Giving Circles at


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