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Mental Accounting: There’s More to Thinking Than You Think

Cash is cash, right? But sometimes, we treat money differently depending on where it came from or what we intend to do with it. When that happens, mental accounting may be at play. Our next post in our behavioral bias series: There’s More to Thinking Than You Think takes a look.

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There’s More to Thinking Than You Think: Understanding How Biases Impact Decisions

In this series, we explore some of the most common behavioral biases to which people find themselves susceptible. Today we look at Loss Aversion.

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Avoid Running with the Crowd

Human beings are wired to go along. Instincts serve us well in many areas, such as avoiding danger or stress. But a reliance on “a gut feeling” is at odds with successful investing, and is a key reason investors fail to achieve satisfactory long-term results. There are several deeply-rooted biological impulses that investors must strive…

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