How We Work

Imagine If This Were You. . . .

Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of guiding clients through all kinds of financial situations, both pleasant and difficult. No matter the course, our aim is to provide clients with thoughtful solutions that will help them move toward their ultimate goals.

We created this hypothetical case study to highlight a common financial challenge individuals and families may encounter, and to show various ways we would address the issues.

Life Moments

Weddings: To Pay or Not to Pay?

A month ago, Valentine’s Day, many happy couples likely said “Yes!” to their futures together. Such an exciting time for everyone involved; the happy couple, their families and friends. But now, the planning begins and the conversations about who’s paying, and for what, come to the surface!

Couple walking down a busy street.
Estate Planning

Who Can You Trust with Your Trust?

Here’s a scenario: you’ve taken all the steps to get your estate in order, including the establishment of a trust that will benefit your children until they are old enough to handle a substantial sum. Since the success of a trust depends on the trustee(s) you choose to manage it, how do you decide who should fill this role?


Say This, Not That – Talking With Your Kids About Money

Money can help solve many of life's hurdles and lead to a wonderful lifestyle. Sadly, wealth does not make parenting any easier and, in some respects, can make it much more complicated.

Raising kids in an atmosphere of affluence without teaching corresponding money values can be a recipe for disaster. Many adults do not have a clear view of their own feelings about money and therefore send conflicting or inappropriate messages to their children. With that in mind, here are a few things we encourage you NOT to say when talking with your kids about money and money decisions.