Planning Matters.

Imagine If This Were You. . . .

Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of guiding clients through all kinds of financial situations, both pleasant and difficult. No matter the course, our aim is to provide clients with thoughtful solutions that will help them move toward their ultimate goals.

We created this hypothetical case study to highlight a common financial challenge individuals and families may encounter, and to show various ways we would address the issues.

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Company Retirement Plans Need a Makeover

As company pensions become less common, today’s workers are becoming heavily responsible for attaining retirement security through their own savings. That’s no small task.

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The Benefits of Saving Early

People often ask me what the number one mistake is when it comes to investing and saving for retirement. Is it high fees and expenses? Is it lack of diversification? Is it selling at the wrong time? My answer is always the same: it’s procrastination.

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Keep Your Beneficiary Designations Current

Life is always changing. Major life events such as death, marriage, divorce, or having a child significantly change your life. It’s crucial for you to keep the information regarding your beneficiaries up to date.

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