Planning matters

Unexpected Tax Refund in Your Bank Account? It Could be a Scam.

Recently, the IRS has reported a new scam. Cybercriminals are using stolen taxpayer data to file tax returns and have the resulting refunds direct-deposited into the taxpayers’ real bank accounts…

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The Tax Cut and Jobs Act and 2017 Income Tax Returns

Filing your annual tax returns for any year can be a confusing process, but the last year has seen significant changes to the US tax code. Most of the Act’s provisions are effective starting with the 2018 tax year, but keep the following in mind when filing your 2017 income tax returns…

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Another Day, Another Data Breach

The credit reporting agency Equifax announced last week that the Social Security numbers, birthdates, address histories, and other information of up to 143 million people may have been leaked in a massive data breach. Because of the size of the data breach, it wouldn’t be unwise to assume your information has been compromised.

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Bring Everything With a Number on It!

Have you ever wondered why we always ask you to bring so many documents when scheduling an appointment?

-Current tax return
-Recent paystub(s)
-Current investment statements
-Retirement plan information
-Life insurance and Long-term care policy information
-Current Mortgage statement
-Social Security estimate of benefits statement
-Bank Statements
-A list of questions and goals

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A Widow.

I don’t even like the term.

I can’t be, can I? I’m too young to be a widow.

It often doesn’t feel or seem real, but then reality jumps out and blocks my path like a brick wall. Immobilizes. Hard to move forward and no place to go backwards.

After a decade of battling Cushing’s Disease, my husband Robert of 37 years passed away in November of 2015. Following are lessons, insights, and advice learned.

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