Planning matters


Cash is back, maybe not to the levels seen in the 80’s, but certainly providing competition to most risk assets. Keep in mind, interest rates in many parts of the developed world remain grounded at zero, so even to have this discussion is a bit of a luxury for dollar-based investors and those domiciled in the USA.

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“Sign of the Times, or Just Plain Loco”

Consistently throughout 2017, I’ve observed several financial transactions, or some type of valuation, that just doesn’t settle quite right with me. Perhaps near zero interest rates around the globe have permanently changed financial markets.

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Competing For Jobs May Have Just Gotten Harder

Immigrants are relatively better educated when coming to America and the share of those with college degrees has nearly doubled over the last 20 years, further complicating the employment picture…

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Gridlock on Capitol Hill: What Markets are Conveying

Asset class performance in 2017 is significantly different than during the period from Election Day through year-end 2016. What are markets conveying?

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Imagine If This Were You. . . .

Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of guiding clients through all kinds of financial situations, both pleasant and difficult. No matter the course, our aim is to provide clients with thoughtful solutions that will help them move toward their ultimate goals.

We created this hypothetical case study to highlight a common financial challenge individuals and families may encounter, and to show various ways we would address the issues.

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