Planning matters

Who Can You Trust with Your Trust?

Here’s a scenario: you’ve taken all the steps to get your estate in order, including the establishment of a trust that will benefit your children until they are old enough to handle a substantial sum. Since the success of a trust depends on the trustee(s) you choose to manage it, how do you decide who should fill this role?

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What to Do When a Death Occurs?

It is always a difficult and stressful time when a loved one or friend dies. With a few exceptions, you do not need to do anything immediately. However, you will need to prepare to handle their affairs and the distribution of assets.

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How Should I Plan for Digital Assets in My Estate?

As a society, we are moving away from keeping documents in paper form, filed away in a filing cabinet. More and more documents, statements, pictures and bills are kept digitally in files on our computers or in the cloud. In this new age of digital storage, we all need to give some thought to what happens to our information upon death or incapacity.

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