Planning matters

Navigating Charitable Giving: a Q&A with Ripple Impact NW

Giving is at the forefront of many of our clients’ minds this time of year. And while the idea of giving, and the desire to give is there, the specifics can be challenging to navigate alone. We had a conversation with Jeanne Kojis and Megan Dixon, Ripple Impact NW co-founders and board members, about charitable…

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Celebrate with Service

At Johnson Bixby, we are committed to guiding and helping our clients reach their financial goals. Additionally, our firm culture is also dedicated to serving our community. We believe investing in our community creates significant connections helping everyone flourish…

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Tax Tips for 2017

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is expected to pass later this week. After proposing their own separate and different bills, the House and the Senate seem to have come to an agreement on what tax reform will look like. A House-Senate conference committee worked to blend the two versions of the Act and signed…

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Encore: What Will You Do in Retirement?

We challenge our clients to think through what retirement really means to them, and what passions or pursuits will further enhance their enjoyment in their encore phase of life.

Our approach and process helps our clients to identify goals or aspirations they may not have had the time to pursue while working. Getting clear about what excites you as you transition into retirement, actively pursuing those passions, and giving back by sharing your knowledge and experiences, can be unbelievably rewarding.

This week we’re highlighting Brian who uses his talent to benefit Habitat for Humanity.

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First Friday Downtown

Johnson Bixby hosted a Nature Photography Show as part of the Vancouver Downtown Association event, First Friday Downtown. Downtown was filled with beautiful art and great food. Our very own Heidi Johnson Bixby was one of the artists who displayed photography from her travels.

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