Keep Your Eyes on the Goal

September 1, 2020

Posted in How We Work

As we head into the Fall season immersed in continued challenges with COVID-19, many of us are experiencing periodic fatigue from social-distancing protocols, negative headlines, and future uncertainties. Staying focused on our goals when we are weary is difficult but crucial to short-term financial wellness and long-term financial success. Consider following these guidelines to help maintain your focus:

Don’t fixate on market swings. If you have worked with us on a solid strategy that is designed to manage the effects of market volatility, try not to be distracted by daily headlines. That’s not to say that we shouldn’t regularly reevaluate your risk levels or consider rebalancing your portfolio.  The main point is to avoid making decisions based on emotion and stay focused on your goals.

Watch out for splurges. When we’re stressed, it’s natural to want to buy something fun. Try to keep those splurges small and give yourself a period of time to think through the purchase beforehand.  This is an excellent time to save money since many of us are not spending as much as usual on items like gas, travel and entertainment.  Think about how great it will feel to build up your savings to help achieve your goals.

Use your time wisely. Ask yourself, “When I look back on this time, will I be happy with how I spent it?”.  Did you enhance your culinary skills? Learn a new language? Earn a professional certification? Improve your health?  Connect more deeply with family and friends?  It will be nice to look back and know that you achieved some goals by staying focused despite the events around you.

Set yourself up for success.  Schedule time periodically to check in with yourself and assess how you are doing in relationship to your goals.  Create visual reminders.  For example, if you are saving to purchase a new car, a photo of the car type could become a screensaver on your computer or smartphone as a reminder to stay focused on your goals.

Even difficult times can present real opportunities. We’re here to help you thrive!


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