Planning matters

It’s Time

It is time.

Those words resonated in my mind this summer and landed on the pages in my journal. I wrote down “It is time” and stared at the three simple words. I asked myself, “what is it that I need or desire in this season of my life? Is ‘it’ something new, or something already in place but I need more or less of?”

I believe in planning, researching and weighing out all the options based on the information before me. Once I’ve identified my goals and done due diligence, then it’s time to stop overanalyzing and start doing.   

I’ve lived and enjoyed the support role, both in my personal life and working career. For years I’ve been comfortable letting others make the big decisions, and I provided support in various forms. During my husband’s extended illness my life was full caring for him and our household.  After his death, I found myself responsible for figuring out what I wanted to do. This is new territory for me. As I allowed myself to explore the possibilities the list grew. From where I would live and work, what new hobbies and interests could be explored and experienced, and how to best spend my time and resources. 

As often happens when a theme is present in our lives, other references or related circumstances occur. I came across the small book “The Heart to Start: Stop Procrastinating & Start Creating” by Dave Kadavy that provided tactics to “eliminate fear in your present self, so you can finally become your future self.” Then I attended a leadership seminar that emphasized confidence, facing fears and doubts, changing attitudes, and choosing positive perspectives and responses.

As I looked at the phrase, “It is time,” I realized that the “it” for me is more time. More time to map out my goals, visit with family, take a dance lesson or two, enjoy bike rides along the Columbia River, travel, or maybe take needed time to rest or heal. What time is it for you? Is it time to set a goal and get started? Or is it time to pare back on work and focus toward building relationships with family and friends? The possibilities are many.  

In the financial realm, is it time to save more or cut expenses? Or maybe give yourself permission to spend resources you’ve accumulated for enjoyment and relaxation, or perhaps support a worthy cause? Is it time to check in with your financial planner to evaluate where you are and the next steps to reach a goal?

We’re here to help, after all, it is time!



Written By Karen Brown