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The Benefits of Partnering With a Financial Planner

April 5, 2016

Posted in How We Work

There’s a saying we often use around here—“A dream without a plan is just a wish.” —because nothing is truer when it comes to your finances. In fact, our whole business is built around helping our clients make financial decisions and a plan that will help them live out their goals. From there, we help our clients tend to those plans, adjusting as needed, every step of the way.

We meet our clients where they are, and craft a plan for where they want to go.

Our clients work with us because they value our advice on a broad range of financial issues and aspects. We help them see, understand and plan for their whole financial picture, making sense of the complexities of legislation, market activity and trends along the way.

Bottom line: You don’t have to go it alone.

What can you expect when you work with a Johnson Bixby planner?

We’ll help you identify and understand issues, consequences and actions on all types of financial decisions, from refinancing a home to early retirement options and tax implications. We’re proud to be your partner and we’ll advocate for you tirelessly, helping you do more with your financial resources.

Why does a financial plan make sense?

Simply put, a plan helps you develop a perspective on your current financial situation, assess your long-term potential, and put your resources to best use.

To develop a plan that’s right for you, we take a look at all interrelated parts of your financial life—income, expenses, investments, retirement planning, tax liability, estate planning, and charitable giving—to make sure all are working toward your goals.

And our work doesn’t end at putting a plan down on paper for you to file away. At Johnson Bixby, you also get our expert guidance all along the way to help you navigate twists and turns and all the changes that life brings, and we make adjustments to your plan accordingly.

Your financial plan may include:

  • A personal net worth snapshot, which shows you what you own and what you owe. You can use it to see where you stand and as a benchmark to measure your progress.
  • A full retirement plan that specifies how much you need to save each year to achieve the lifestyle you want to maintain. This includes recommendations on how best to maximize your Social Security benefits and other pension funds.
  • An analysis of your current investment portfolio and recommendations to align it with your long-term goals.
  • A college savings plan for your children
  • A review of and guidance on your employee benefits
  • A specific plan for any special needs you have to negotiate—for a child, an aging parent, or other dependent.
  • Recommendations for estate planning
  • How charitable giving can fit into the big picture of your finances.
  • Legacy planning, setting your family up for continued financial success

The process:

  • We sort through investment information to determine whether a particular investment vehicle meets your individual needs.
  • We educate you about the nature of investments and related risks.
  • At one time of year, we might help you save taxes through the transfer of low basis stock to their college student’s account, and at another time, guide you in selecting the best combination of employment benefits.
  • At regular review meetings, we help you identify the financial ramifications of life changes. Events like marriage, divorce, birth, and death) may dictate changes in areas such as cash flow and beneficiary designations, or in tax planning. Changes in the law may affect your financial plan as well.

Reach out to us if you’d like to a partner who can help you look at your whole financial picture and create a plan that can help you live out your goals. Our team is here to serve you.



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