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Patricia Spies, CFP®


Spending Awareness

As we’ve spoken about previously in What’s the Magic Number?, in many ways your spending is key to meeting financial goals or even being able to...


What’s the “Magic Number”?

Often people have an idea there is a “magic number” they need to save for retirement to be a reality. While savings goals are great, the ability to retire is much more closely tied to a different number: Monthly Expenses!


Inheritance – Part 3: Property

In Part 1 and Part 2 we discussed inheritance for both Qualified and Non-Qualified investment accounts. For Part 3, we’ll take a look at some things to think about when you are leaving or inheriting property, such as homes, cars, land, art or jewelry...


Inheritance: Non-Qualified Investments

Three weeks ago, in Part 1 we discussed inheritance from qualified accounts. Let’s continue this conversation with non-qualified accounts. Accounts are considered non-qualified if they do not qualify for any type of tax-exempt status. The two types of non-qualified investments...


Inheritance: Qualified Accounts

Inheritance can be a tricky topic both from the perspective of giving and receiving. Whether you are on the side of leaving an inheritance or receiving inheritance from a loved one, there are things to know before naming beneficiaries or cashing a check.