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What We’re Listening To: Johnson Bixby Team Shares Favorite Podcasts

If the clock turning back this coming Sunday, Nov. 3 has you dreading your evening commute in the dark, we have some good news. How about a new podcast to listen to on your way home? We’ve asked our team to recommend their favorites. Tune in and enjoy!


Amanda Reynolds, Client Services

Currently Listening to: The Sleeping At Last Podcast

Why You Love it: Songwriter Ryan O’Neal shares in his podcasts how each of his songs take shape, one song at a time. I’ve been especially interested in his songs inspired by each of the 9 Enneagram types (an ancient but recently popularized look at personality types). He did a lot of research on these in the process of writing his songs and was joined by an Enneagram expert, Chris Heuertz on the podcasts. I found his way of presenting aspects of each personality to be quite insightful and creative, as well as encouraging. He and Chris both operate from a perspective of grace and generosity as they look at why we do and think and live our lives the way we do. It’s also so fun to hear how he incorporates the different features of personality into his songs…in words, instruments, rhythms, volume, and more!


Heidi Johnson Bixby, CEO/President and Planner

Currently Listening to: The Portland 50

Why You Love it: The Portland 50 is a podcast series about the people who dreamt, built and championed the innovation, growth and uniqueness of Portland. Each episode is a narrative journey told by the founders, leaders and drivers behind some of Oregon’s best known companies, landmarks and industries. The podcast is hosted by Peggy LaPoint with KINK radio and was put together to help celebrate KINK’s 50th anniversary.


Karen Brown, Client Services

Currently Listening to: Andy Stanley

Why You Love it: Andy has some great podcasts on leadership, including interviews with Horst Schulze (former President and COO of Ritz-Carlton) and discussions about Enneagram for Leaders.


Kartr Johnson, IT Director

Currently Listening to: Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend

Why You Love it: Freeform, casual discussions with interesting people that is simultaneously witty and silly. Always good for a laugh.


Kimberly Baker, Director of Financial Planning

Currently Listening to: How I Built This

Why You Love it: Host Guy Raz interviews a wide variety of entrepreneurs to get the stories behind some of the world’s best-known companies. Ever wonder how Dave’s Killer Bread, Dyson, Burt’s Bees or Yelp got started? Listen to these interviews, and you’ll find out!


Lynn Snyder, Investment Analyst

Currently Listening to:  Freakonomics Radio

Why You Love it: Steven Dubner (Host) chooses from seemingly unrelated topics, but takes the same, usually humorous, sometimes analytical and always interesting approach to his subjects.  My favorite episode so far is:  “Should America Be Run by … Trader Joe’s?”(Ep. 359)


Michelle Bower, Client Services Specialist

Currently Listening to: Focus on the Family

Why You Love it: It’s a half-hour daily dose of encouragement and advice for the family. I find it very applicable to my life and each episode encourages me to grow and change in a different way.


Paula Lee, Director of Talent and Culture

Currently Listening to:   Wild Ideas Worth Living

Why You Love it:  A collection of stories of choosing to live life with intention, with productivity, doing less, facing fears, cooking, building your life resume and many travel adventures.


Rachel Gorretta, Director, Marketing and Communications

Currently Listening to: Dumb People Town

Why You Love it: It’s a celebration of silly people doing dumb things. Listeners send in ridiculous criminal stories from local media outlets. Comedians Randy and Jason Sklar (twins) and Daniel Van Kirk read the story out loud, guessing key facts and giving listeners even more comedy to enjoy along the way. It’s lighthearted and an easy listen.


Savanah Van Kirk, Client Services

Currently Listing to: Girls Gone WOD

Why You Love it: It’s a fitness podcast that doesn’t only talk about all things CrossFit but also things topics relatable to so many women – body image, postpartum, nutrition, family, current events, and of course, fitness.


What have you listened to lately? Share your favorite with us!

Written By Johnson Bixby