Expect care and excellence

Don't settle for anything less from your financial advisor. We wouldn't.

You can also expect this to be simple for you. Here are the first three steps we’ll take:

1. Schedule a short visit

Let’s have an introductory conversation by phone or in person—no more than 30 minutes—to see if we’re a good fit for each other. Before we wrap, we’ll decide if it makes sense to take the next step and continue our conversation.

2. Hold a planning meeting

We’ll roll up our sleeves at this 2-hour meeting, get to know each other better, understand your specific situation and sift through the pile of paperwork you’ve brought in. Here are the materials to bring with you.

3. Review your custom-built financial plan

By this time, we’re ready to deliver a plan that fits your specific goals and needs. We’ll walk you through it and talk about what working together on your ongoing financial needs looks like—tracking progress, advising and adjusting as life changes.

Schedule a visit