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Visiting Us? Five Things You Should Know

After 18 months, we’re thrilled to start welcoming clients to our office again. Yes, that means if you need to have a meeting with us – you’re welcome to visit us in person! Of course, virtual meetings continue to be an option. Because it’s been a while, we put together a Visiting Us Refresher Guide.

We Moved!

We moved office locations in January 2020. We’re still downtown Vancouver, just a short distance from our old location on Main Street. Along with our sister company, Integrated Tax Services, we needed room to grow – so we are now on the 6th floor of the Hurley Building located at 275 West Third Street (Integrated Tax Services is on the 5th floor).

Click here to view a map of our new office location

Downtown Parking

Our new building has a few complimentary parking spots in front of the building. If these spots are filled, there are metered parking spots around the corner on Columbia Street. As downtown Vancouver grows, the parking situation fluctuates, so be aware of permit and metered parking.

Elevator Access

Chances are you’ll want to take the elevator (versus climbing six flights of stairs) to visit us. Elevator access is turned on and off according to when we have client appointments. If you enter the elevator and cannot activate the six floor button, please call our main line at 360-695-1795 from the lobby and a client services team member will come down to get you.

COVID Procedures

We are following recently updated CDC guidelines and requiring facial coverings in our office for everyone – vaccinated or not. If you need a face covering, we have extras at our front desk – just ask. If you feel ill in any way or are unvaccinated, we prefer a Zoom appointment. We want us all to stay healthy!

What to Bring

To make the most of our time together, we’ll ask you to bring specific financial documents with you – or better yet – share them prior to our meeting. Your review letter will remind you of the specific documents we’ll want to reference. There are two resources to share this information securely with us ahead time – ShareFile or via the Vault through our new online client portal, Advizr. If you don’t have access to Advizr yet, we’ll get you set-up during our next meeting together.  


Despite recent COVID protocols change, we remain optimistically hopeful on the future and look forward to meeting with you soon. When you receive your next review letter, you’ll be given an option on how you want to schedule your next meeting. In the meantime, if something pops up, email us at and we’ll get your questions answered.

Written By Rachel Gorretta