Planning matters

Our Thankful Financial Moments

In celebration of Thanksgiving week, we asked the Johnson Bixby team to share a few financial moments they’re thankful for experiencing in their lives. We thought you might like to hear a few…

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A Silver Jubilee

It was mid-October 1993. We had just welcomed a new coworker, and now the company consisted of three. We found her to be organized, dependable and very bright, quickly absorbing her new world of financial planning. Through the years she became known as our in-house professor and a formidable competitor at Boggle during company retreats. She continues to be a respected colleague.

This fortunate hire was Kim Baker, and this month we are celebrating her 25th year at Johnson Bixby!

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Defining Moments

Today’s 17th anniversary of September 11, 2001, has our office reminiscing on both the tragic events of that day but also defining moments of our lives—just as 9/11 was a defining moment in American history.

Keep reading for a walk down memory lane with the Johnson Bixby team—hearing about personal defining moments and our memories of that fateful September day…

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Tax Planning Time

It’s warm outside and chances are you’re thinking about your air conditioning more than taxes. But now is an ideal time to understand how changes to the tax law affect you. As your financial advisors, we have these changes on our radar and wanted to make sure you’re thinking about them too – in between sips of your cold lemonade, of course…

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Long Term Care Made Easy

Learning tricks on how to simplify complex concepts in the insurance world is something I enjoy reading about in the variety of industry publications I subscribe to. I recently came across a fun illustration of “Did You Knows” about Long Term Care Insurance.

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