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Meeting Options: We’re Just a Phone Call Away

As your financial planning partner, we love our meetings together. They allow us to catch-up, celebrate your financial achievements and plan for the future. Getting together doesn’t always have to mean physically getting together – we can just as easily have our meeting through a Skype, Facetime or phone meeting rather than face-to-face. Today’s blog post – and in this time of social distancing – we look at each of these options in case you want to consider it for your next meeting with us.


Are you an Apple user? Then Facetime might be a good option for you to use as it only works on Macs, iPads or your iPhone. It is automatically installed on your Apple device, and you don’t need to have an account to use Facetime. We’re able to initiate the call using your mobile number – so make sure we have that in our records when the meeting is set-up.


The Skype technology can be used on both Mac and Window products. As long as your device has a built-in camera feature, the Skype technology can be a great video conferencing tool for you. To get started you need to download the Skype app on your device and register to create an account (it’s free). Once you registered, you provide us with your username (sometimes your email address) so we can initiate the call from our Skype account when it’s time for our meeting.

Phone call

No need to worry about Skype or FaceTime, our meeting can simply happen with a good ole fashion phone call. The only difference? We won’t see each other or compliment you on your outfit but it won’t take away from the conversation and dialogue, we promise.

Preparing and starting the meeting

We often ask our clients to bring paperwork and documents to our meetings so we can reference them during the meeting. If our meeting is remote, you can share your paperwork with us beforehand using ShareFile (a secure document solution) or simply have the documents in front of you to reference. We may ask questions pertaining to them during the course of our conversation.

Regardless of what type of our meeting we have – Skype, Facetime or phone – our team at Johnson Bixby will initiate the call with you. Simply gather your paperwork, your questions and be ready near your phone or tablet for our call.

We’re thankful to have technologies in place to keep our meetings together. If you are ever interested in setting up a virtual meeting, simply mention it when you call and make your appointment. We’ll make sure to gather all of the proper details.

Written By Rachel Gorretta