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Long Term Care Made Easy

Learning tricks on how to simplify complex concepts in the insurance world is something I enjoy reading about in the variety of industry publications I subscribe to. I recently came across a fun illustration of “Did You Knows” about Long Term Care Insurance.

The graphic was taken from, a website that promotes itself as being a visual guide to understanding money. The site provides simple illustrations (on napkins) to a variety of different financial processes including credit, insurance, economics, currency, loans and more.

The Long Term Care Insurance napkin walks the reader through the basics, who may need it (70% of us eventually will), what it covers and why it’s important. I found it to be a simple, fun visual to present what is often complex information.

While the “napkin” is a valuable tool to learn more about Long Term Care Insurance basics, as Johnson Bixby’s insurance specialist, I am available to answer your detailed questions and guide you through the process if you decide to pursue this type of coverage. Feel free to call me anytime. My direct line is (360) 823-0293.

Also, check out more illustrations at https//

Written By Jeri Boston