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Happy Holidays

As we close the eventful year of 2020, we pause to give thanks and appreciation to all who have helped and guided us in our journey. From clients, neighbors, fellow team members – even the strangers with a simple smile you can see in their eyes – we are optimistic about the year ahead.

Below is a picture from a recent team meeting to give you a glimpse into our weekly gatherings. This was extra special as we shared our gratitude for Heidi by showing signs of thanks. As Lynn Snyder, CFA, our Investment Analyst, captured with his photo – Heidi has been a bit of the 2020 version of George Washington successfully leading the troops across the Delaware River.

Our team is grateful for the opportunity to be that guide for clients and navigate the waters ahead through the changing weather on our journey. 

Best wishes for a Happy Holiday Season!

Written By Johnson Bixby