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Navigating Charitable Giving: a Q&A with Ripple Impact NW

Giving is at the forefront of many of our clients’ minds this time of year. And while the idea of giving, and the desire to give is there, the specifics can be challenging to navigate alone. We had a conversation with Jeanne Kojis and Megan Dixon, Ripple Impact NW co-founders and board members, about charitable…

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The Impact of Giving Circles

Likely you’ve heard the term “giving circle” – it’s a collective philanthropy term that’s become something of a buzzword lately. However, this is not a new phenomenon. Giving circles of various types have existed across cultures throughout history. So, what is a giving circle? In giving circles, people with common interests, concerns or backgrounds come…

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Introducing Ripple Impact NW: A Confluence of Values, Experience and Community Need

“If you want it, save your pennies.” This is the phrase I heard as a child when I asked for something not necessarily expensive, but not necessarily a need either. I learned if I wanted something, I would need to do something to earn some pennies. Growing up, I found great satisfaction in earning money…

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