Planning matters

Best of 2018

It’s the third anniversary of our blog, Planning Matters. In celebration we thought we’d look back at the top posts of 2018. Here are the top five posts you loved in 2018:

  • The 2018 Tax Law Changes were on everyone’s mind at the start of the year.
  • February saw two highly read articles. First, you were interested to read about Heidi’s Perspective on the Market And the threat of a scam in the form of an Unexpected Tax Refund in Your Bank Account peaked your curiosity.
  • In April you were interested in hearing about changes in the stock market with our Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes
  • And the topic of Downsizing was popular where we learned the myriad of ways to gift, donate or repurpose items we no longer need as we settle into a smaller, simpler life.

Working with the Johnson Bixby team to publish the Planning Matters blog each week is one of the highlights of my role as Marketing Communications Director. We always want to provide you fun, enjoyable reading material that educates and inspires you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with ideas or topics you’d like to see and feel free to forward on the blog to friends and family to subscribe.

Written By Rachel Gorretta