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Are You Ready to Spread Your Wings and Fly? Traveling in a Post-Pandemic World

Traveling in a Post-Pandemic World

For the first time in a long time, travel is becoming a real possibility as things begin to reopen in the world around us. Although the pandemic hasn’t disappeared, we’ve certainly turned a corner in recent months, and many are beginning to think about getting out there and seeing the world again.

However, questions still linger with many on how safe it is to travel. There are certainly worries about getting sick or stuck at our destination if something happens. Or, what about booking reservations for travel and then something changes – would travel insurance cover that scenario?

We recently held a Ripple Event that answered these questions and more around the world of travel planning and budgeting. Our Senior Planner, Kimberly Baker, CFP®, and Sherrie Wilson, Owner and Agent at Community Travel in Battle Ground, WA. sat down and discussed how the right planning can help us manage our anxiety and prepare for the changes that will come post-pandemic travel. You can watch the full recording via the link below.

Remember, although you can’t totally avoid the risks in traveling—or in life—you can manage them with thoughtful planning. And our team at Johnson Bixby helps guide the way. Whether budgeting for a big travel adventure, planning for college expenses, or investment strategies to fuel your retirement years, we’re your partner to build a smart plan and help navigate the changes and possibilities along the way.  

Travel Webinar Recording

Written By Johnson Bixby