Planning matters

A Silver Jubilee

It was mid-October 1993. We had just welcomed a new coworker, and now the company consisted of three. We found her to be organized, dependable and very bright, quickly absorbing her new world of financial planning. Through the years she became known as our in-house professor and a formidable competitor at Boggle during company retreats. She continues to be a respected colleague.

This fortunate hire was Kim Baker, and this month we are celebrating her 25th year at Johnson Bixby!

Financial planning proved to be a perfect match for Kim, with her considerable problem-solving skills and her calm and helpful demeanor with clients. She went on to become Kimberly S. Baker, CFP®, earning her Certified Financial Planner™ certification in 1998, her Certified College Planning Specialist designation in 2006, and serving today as our firm’s Lead Financial Planner.

With both a creative and analytical mind, she can craft financial plans that address complex personal and family issues, as well as explain the financial principles involved. Kim has served hundreds of clients over the years, mentored our growing team, held educational workshops, and worked diligently to improve financial literacy in the community through her volunteer work with the Financial Planning Association of Oregon & SW Washington. With her quick wit and thoughtful insight, she continues to be a steady beacon of light for the firm.

Outside the office Kim also has many talents. She has a zest for hiking, gardening, crafts, home design and improvement. Yes, we have witnessed pictures of her with paint guns and a felted hedgehog project. She can also be spotted on one of her signature Volkswalks in and around Vancouver, where she lives with her husband Dan.

I’m honored to have been a part of Kim’s 25 years at Johnson Bixby. She is a fabulous resource and historian to our company. If something comes up from the ‘vault’ no doubt Kim can help describe its origins. More than anything, Kim is a terrific Financial Planner. We recently named her Lead Financial Planner, a role where she will continue to mentor and guide the existing and future planners in our firm.

Thank you, Kim. We are lucky to have you as a leader in our firm and look forward to many more years together!