Planning Matters.

Saving on Your Spending

Looking for ways to save money on the things you buy? Client Services Specialist, Haley Smart has some ideas for you.

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Weddings: To Pay or Not to Pay?

A month ago, Valentine’s Day, many happy couples likely said “Yes!” to their futures together. Such an exciting time for everyone involved; the happy couple, their families and friends. But now, the planning begins and the conversations about who’s paying, and for what, come to the surface!

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Answering An Age-Old (Old Age) Question: How Long Are You Going to Live?

Perhaps the biggest concern that clients share is whether their accumulated savings will last throughout their retirement years. How do they know if they’ve saved enough, or if they’re spending their nest egg too quickly? One of the key factors in the equation is life expectancy – but how many people know exactly how long they expect to live?

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“Cambio, Change, Wechsel”

Foreign exchange (currencies) might be, after gold, the most misunderstood asset in the world.

Why, for example, is the Japanese yen quoted yen per U.S. dollar while the euro is quoted as U.S. dollar per euro?

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Why Are You Raining on My Parade?

As soon as I accepted the offer to join the talented team at Johnson Bixby, it was a flurry of activity preparing for my relocation from Kansas City. I initiated a well thought-out plan to sell my house, find a new one, pack, purge, donate, map the route, reserve hotels, and make time for sight-seeing…

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