Planning matters

Pearls of Wisdom: Estate Planning Resolutions

In 2018, we’ll periodically share “Pearls of Wisdom” on a variety of frequently-encountered planning situations. This month, we focus on ensuring that proper estate planning documents are in place…

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Who Can You Trust with Your Trust?

Here’s a scenario: you’ve taken all the steps to get your estate in order, including the establishment of a trust that will benefit your children until they are old enough to handle a substantial sum. Since the success of a trust depends on the trustee(s) you choose to manage it, how do you decide who should fill this role?

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Filing Cabinet Cheat Sheet

Tax season spurs a lot of questions from clients about which papers should be kept or tossed. It’s a good time to do a little spring cleaning of your paperwork. Use this cheat sheet to find out what papers you need to keep, and how long you should hang on to them.

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