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Secure File Sharing

As a comprehensive financial planning firm, we work with your confidential information on an ongoing basis. It is always our number one priority to keep this information safe and secure in an increasingly technology-based environment.

Johnson Bixby is constantly looking to enhance our already robust security procedures. As an added benefit to our clients, we have implemented an encrypted, secure file sharing service called Citrix ShareFile.

This software will allow registered users to easily upload requested financial statements ahead of your scheduled appointments. In doing so, your planner will have additional time to look over your financial information to better prepare for your questions during your visit. ShareFile will also serve as the gateway to sending us any other documents that you feel are important to your financial picture.

When using this system to send us information, all you will need to do is log in to the website, select the folder that is shared with Johnson Bixby and attach the data that you want us to see. Our staff will route the information to the correct team member.

In addition to sending documents to us, we will also be able to share documents with you. The most common documents we send to clients are applications for new accounts, requested reports and forms related to transactions. Instead of waiting for the mail to arrive or your email spam filter to release the documents all this correspondence can be quickly and easily sent to you through ShareFile.

When a document has been sent to you, you will receive an email notification. You will simply follow the email link, log in to the website and retrieve the communication. At this point, you can print the document for signatures, save the document to your computer, or simply view the attached item.

There is a one-time registration procedure to use this service. If you are interested in this software, please call one of our staff members and we will gladly walk you through the process and answer any questions you have.

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Written By Haley Smart