Planning matters

Meet Jeri Boston

Jeri is our in-house life insurance and long-term care specialist. She works with the planners on matching the right type of coverage based on your individual needs, and is diligent in researching the best rates.

Jeri chose financial services because she is passionate about helping clients improve their financial health. She cares deeply about our clients and always goes above and beyond to help service their needs. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of working with Jeri you can give testament to that. Jeri will guide you through the complete process from beginning to end.

The team enjoys Jeri’s sense of humor and outgoing personality.

When Jeri isn’t as work crunching numbers and working in spreadsheets, she enjoys working with her hands. To say Jeri is “crafty” is an understatement. She learned to sew at a young age where she developed a love for design and fashion. On the weekends can you find Jeri in her garage refinishing old furniture.


Her home, and those of her friends and family are filled with some of the masterpieces she’s created. Jeri takes great satisfaction in seeing projects at work, and at home completed.

If you have any insurance needs or questions, give Jeri a call. She’s happy to help you.


Written By Paula Lee