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Meet Jen!

Welcome Jen!

Jennifer (Jen) Morris is a new face at Johnson Bixby, one which will soon be familiar to you. As Director of First Impressions, Jen is your first line of contact whether that comes over the phone or through the front door. She joins us from Wells Fargo in Camas, having more than 10 years’ experience in the financial industry. Some of our clients already recognized her familiar face and had fun making the connection with her new position and her previous one. Click here to learn more about Jen.

Where’s Casey?

You may wonder where that leaves Casey in the mix of things. Since joining Johnson Bixby, Casey has always been on top of our client care, and we’re happy to report she plans to spend the rest of her time at Johnson Bixby focusing on just that. She’ll be building our Client Experience initiative – finding the right combinations to delight you. Casey has long wanted the opportunity to showcase our firm’s belief that servicing the client isn’t just an act or a department; it’s a firm-wide culture. We’ve always got room for improvement and we’re taking advantage of Casey’s natural inclination to listen to what clients say they need.

Together, Jen and Casey partner to connect clients to the resources they need for successful solutions. Be sure to say hello to Jen on your next stop in. She’s eager to meet you!

Written By Johnson Bixby