Planning matters

Encore: What Will You Do in Retirement?

We challenge our clients to think through what retirement really means to them, and what passions or pursuits will further enhance their enjoyment in their encore phase of life.

Our approach and process helps our clients to identify goals or aspirations they may not have had the time to pursue while working. Getting clear about what excites you as you transition into retirement, actively pursuing those passions, and giving back by sharing your knowledge and experiences, can be unbelievably rewarding.

This week we’re highlighting Brian who uses his talent to benefit Habitat for Humanity.

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Happy Birthday? Retirement Decisions at 55+

If you will be hitting a “milestone” birthday soon, you’ll have some decisions to make (in addition to what you should plan to wish for when you blow out the candles). Some of these choices can’t be changed later. Rather than waiting to evaluate your alternatives at the time you need to choose, it’s smart to start thinking about them now.

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Company Retirement Plans Need a Makeover

As company pensions become less common, today’s workers are becoming heavily responsible for attaining retirement security through their own savings. That’s no small task.

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The Benefits of Saving Early

People often ask me what the number one mistake is when it comes to investing and saving for retirement. Is it high fees and expenses? Is it lack of diversification? Is it selling at the wrong time? My answer is always the same: it’s procrastination.

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How Do the New DOL Rules Affect You?

You have probably been reading or hearing about the new Department of Labor (DOL) ruling in regards to financial advisors and their “fiduciary duty”. What does “fiduciary duty” mean and how does it affect JBA clients?

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