Planning matters

Thanksgiving and we are stuffed!

You know that feeling, a stomach full of delicious food and pants that just don’t stretch. We had that feeling at Johnson Bixby even before Thanksgiving! We’re full! In just six years at our Main Street location, we’ve practically doubled in size, and we’re bursting at the seams. Thanks to you, our fabulous clients, we keep…

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10,000 Hours of Thanks & Gratitude

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, all of us at Johnson Bixby are thankful for the privilege of partnering with you. While we love what we do, we also recognize it wouldn’t be possible without the willingness, trust, curiosity, dreams and challenges you share with us. Our goal is to make your dreams possible, but that takes a combination of you sharing your lives with us so we can know you well and marrying that knowledge with strategies that work for your situation. It is personal and we respect the trust you place in us.

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2018 by the Numbers

Have you noticed the huge construction cranes at the Vancouver waterfront? We did and curiosity propelled us to tour Phase 1 of the $1.5-billion Vancouver Waterfront Project with Barry Cain, president, and owner of Gramor Development, Inc. Hard hats and safety vests donned, we saw the groundbreaking project take shape, literally.

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Meet Jeri Boston

Jeri is our in-house life insurance and long-term care specialist. She works with the planners on matching the right type of coverage based on your individual needs, and is diligent in researching the best rates.

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Meet Jen!

Welcome Jen!

Jennifer (Jen) Morris is a new face at Johnson Bixby, one which will soon be familiar to you. As Director of First Impressions, Jen is your first line of contact whether that comes over the phone or through the front door. She joins us from Wells Fargo in Camas, having more than 10 years’ experience in the financial industry. Some of our clients already recognized her familiar face and had fun making the connection with her new position and her previous one. Click here to learn more about Jen.

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