Planning matters

Setting Successful Goals

Tis’ the season for New Year resolutions. Like others, you may be thinking about goals you want to achieve in the new year. Goal setting is a powerful activity; shaping our dreams and giving us the ability to focus on the exact actions needed to meet the desired goal.

After years of acting as a trusted advisor to client’s life goals, we have a few tips on how to set-up your goals for success.

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Your Last Minute Financial Gift Guide

It’s the week before Christmas and if you still have some shopping to do, don’t despair. We’re rewarding you for waiting to the last minute with ideas that simultaneously fulfill your gift giving obligation while encouraging financial responsibility. Plus, all our suggestions are an easy click away. Read on for details…

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Why a simple budget is a great place to start

Whenever I talk with friends or peers about what I do, I essentially get asked the same thing, “How do I save?” Which leads to the question, “do you have a budget?” Often when talking to friends about finances, I find most millennials don’t have a budget. This is likely because they don’t even know…

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Pearls of Wisdom: Should You Pursue a Graduate Degree?

Many people consider going to graduate school, but fewer actually do. Daunted by the variety of options for pursuing a graduate education, they become overwhelmed, or start to doubt whether a higher degree is worth the cost in time and money…

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Respect the Estate

The news of Aretha Franklin’s death to cancer is tragic to the music world and all who admired her. In the days following her death, I enjoyed hearing information about her life and contributions to music history. One of things I found befuddling…

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