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10,000 Hours of Thanks & Gratitude

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, all of us at Johnson Bixby are thankful for the privilege of partnering with you. While we love what we do, we also recognize it wouldn’t be possible without the willingness, trust, curiosity, dreams and challenges you share with us. Our goal is to make your dreams possible, but that takes a combination of you sharing your lives with us so we can know you well and marrying that knowledge with strategies that work for your situation. It is personal and we respect the trust you place in us.

One of my favorite authors, Malcom Gladwell, says in his book, Outliers, it takes at least 10,000 hours of practice to gain a level of expertise. That’s some dedication and passion! He was referring to bands like The Beattles, professional sports players or Bill Gates founding Microsoft as examples of dedicated people honing their craft and becoming successful. As I reflect on my many hours with clients over the last 26 years at Johnson Bixby, I would argue it’s not just my time spent gaining a deep understanding of the profession, but the privilege of sharing in your lives. Whether it’s marriages, babies, buying and selling homes or cars, getting or changing jobs, divorce, traveling the US or abroad, repairing homes, starting or winding down a business, or planning your charitable giving and estate planning, it’s sharing in your journey that gives us the experience and expertise. Thank you.

We are fortunate to have a really talented team here at Johnson Bixby. Many have spent their 10,000 hours and more honing their skills to bring our best to you, our clients. As Johnson Bixby continues to grow, we want to say thank you for making it possible. It allows us to serve more clients, allow more talented people to gain their expertise in the financial planning profession and as a result make a difference in the lives of our clients and therefore, the greater community.

From our family to yours, we thank you and wish you the happiest of moments this holiday season.

Heidi & the Johnson Bixby Team